Child Abuse Prevention

In the last year, about 1 in 7 children experienced child abuse and neglect.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We all have the best tools for safeguarding children against abuse at our fingertips.  The Attorney General's Office has partnered with Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi to help protect children and strengthen families, creating a stronger community for everyone. Using our minds and our hearts, we can let them know they are not alone.

10 Strategies to Safeguard Children from Abuse

Know the Signs.
Adults should pay attention to physical signs and drastic emotional/behavioral change signals that something is unusual. Increased anxiety, headaches, chronic stomach pain, behavioral problems that may include aggression, rebellion or withdrawal, lack of interest in friends, sports, or other activities are all potential warning signs. Consider participating in a prevention class offered through Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi or a local child advocacy center.

Report Suspected Abuse or Neglect.
If you have reason to believe a child has been harmed or may be in danger, make a report to the Mississippi Child Abuse Hotline: 1.800.222.8000. Mississippi is a mandated reporting state!

Talk to Your Children About Personal Safety.
Encourage your child to tell you if anything or anyone makes them feel uncomfortable or if any adults give them gifts. Make sure they understand that 'secrets' involving their safety and bodies are never okay to have with anyone.

Be Alert.
Pay attention when someone shows greater than normal interest in your child. Pay attention to changes in behavior when your child is around other adults. Ask questions.

Minimize Opportunity.
Safe environments can help reduce the risk of abuse. Make sure interactions with children can be observed and interrupted, avoiding isolation and one-on­-one settings.

Monitor Internet Use.
Abusers often use the internet to lure children by being friendly and developing friendships to gain their trust. Online communication through internet and/or social media is an easy way to connect with children. For tips on how you can keep your children safe online, visit my #BeAwareBeforeYouShare page.

Discipline Out of Love not Anger.
Never discipline your child when you are angry, or your anger is out of control. Discipline should represent a consequence and an understanding by the child of what they did wrong.

Make Your Home a Violence-Free Zone.
Turn off violent TV shows and video games. Don't let your children be in an environment with an abusive adult.

Get Help with Alcohol and Drug Problems.
Keep children away from anyone who abuses substances. These problems can lead to unsafe environments for children.

Volunteer to Protect Children.
Volunteer with a local child advocacy center or child abuse prevention program. Being vigilant and passionate about protecting children raises your own awareness. Visit to locate a program near you.

Suspect abuse or neglect? Report to the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services here. Or call 1.800.222.8000 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If there is an immediate danger, please call 9-1-1.

You can download this helpful information as a pushcard here. You can also download these materials to help you and your children stay safe online.

If you need printed copies of these materials or are looking for a speaker for a meeting, please contact us.

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