Be The Solution and Human Trafficking Initiatives

Human Trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery through which people profit from the exploitation of others.  It is a $150 billion industry and growing, making it one of the most profitable illegal businesses globally.  Unfortunately, it is here in our own state.  Mississippi men, women, and children are victims of this heinous crime. To stop trafficking in our state, General Fitch employs a multi-prong approach:

  1. Our human trafficking investigative team spearheads multi-jurisdictional operations and trains law enforcement officers on the best anti-trafficking techniques.
  2. Our Public Integrity Division attorneys prosecute trafficking perpetrators.
  3. Our Prosecutor and Law Enforcement Training Division also trains prosecutors in DA offices on best practices for effective prosecution of trafficking.
  4. Our Bureau of Victim Assistance manages the State’s Victims of Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Fund, which provides funds for victims’ shelters and services.
  5. Our Public Education and Community Engagement Division has created the Be the Solution statewide initiative to empower Mississippians to help meet this challenge to our State.
Investigating and Prosecuting Human Trafficking

If you are a law enforcement officer or agency seeking either training in anti-trafficking techniques and/or the opportunity to participate in a multi-jurisdictional operation, please contact us.

Click here for upcoming law enforcement training opportunities.

Click here for our Human Trafficking officer flip book, a partnership with MS DPS.

Helping Victims Become Survivors

Our Bureau of Victim Assistance can help direct victims of trafficking to services they may need.  If you are a victim of trafficking and you would like to speak to one of our advocates, please contact us at 1-800-829-6766.

You can also review our online resources, including an online Victim Service Resource Directory and interactive county-by-county map of service providers.

In addition, in 2020, the Mississippi Legislature established the Victims of Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Fund in order to provide funding for direct service providers who serve victims of sex and labor trafficking.  This Fund is administered by the Attorney General’s Office.

Be The Solution – Phase 1: Detecting Trafficking on the Road

In 2021, General Fitch launched the first phase of Be The Solution, a statewide education and awareness campaign to empower everyday Mississippians to help rid our State of human trafficking.

In Phase 1, we focused on (1) training truck drivers and school bus drivers to spot and report trafficking and (2) alerting the public to how to report trafficking thru public places like, service stations, truck stops, and State welcome centers.

We partnered for this phase with the Department of Public Safety, Department of Education, the Mississippi Development Authority, the MS Trucking Association, KLLM, the MS Beer Distributors Association, the Mississippi Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association.

We created special training videos, using tried-and-true programs from Truckers Against Trafficking. Click below to see the videos we created for these groups:

CDL Drivers

MS Trucking Association

MS Beer Distributors Association

School Bus Drivers

We also created a campaign of radio PSAs, billboards, and truck wraps with the National Trafficking Hotline number and distributed thousands of static cling stickers with that Hotline number for bathrooms at roadside stops across the State.

And we created this brochure and this easy handout for community groups to distribute to help Mississippians spot trafficking and properly report it.

Be The Solution – Phase 2: Turning Everyday Mississippians into Extraordinary Heroes

For phase 2, we are pleased to partner with Entergy, Mississippi Power, the Department of Agriculture and Commerce, the MS Gaming Commission, the MS Airport Association, Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, the Mississippi Port Authority, and Island View Casino Resort.

Many people in our community work in industries that better position them to spot and report human trafficking.

We are grateful to our new partners for agreeing to train their employees and distribute informational materials, like this airport PSA, to their customers to engage them in spotting and reporting trafficking.

We will also be working with utility companies, agricultural interests, and the gaming industry to train up their employees in how to spot and report trafficking.

We must stand together to fight human trafficking.

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